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Not waiting til the end

It’s February! One month down 11 more to go! Is it me or weren’t we just screaming “Happy New Year”! This month really went by fast and I wanted to try something new to increase my productivity and focus. Many of us wait until the new year is approaching before we begin to reflect on our year and then we rush to scratch off of our list things we said we would do before a new list of things begin. As the first 31 days of 2014 are behind me, I want reflect on my month, what worked, what didn’t, what could I have done better, done more of, done less, and changed.

January was a great month even with the mounds of snow and bone chilling cold! In the beginning of the month I chose my one word that would set the tone for my entire year, that word is JUMP (another post coming soon on this). I realized in order for extraordinary things to happen I must have extraordinary faith and to make some

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Martin Luther King Jr. : Uncommon Dreamer

To say Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a dreamer would be an understatement and devalue his Legacy. The goal of every dreamer should be to move from dreamer to doer as Dr. King did. A passionate leader with a heart way beyond his years, a dream that would still reign true 50 years later, and a destiny fulfilled.

As a dreamer I only hope to have half of the qualities Dr. King exhibited. Tonight as I read the transcript from his 1963 “I have a dream speech” from his heart flowed these qualities. These were not only what he believed in, but what he aligned his life with, and what he wanted to see in the lives of other people.

Five Dreams of Dr. King

  1. Dreamed of Unity. He knew he couldn’t fulfill his dream alone. He believed that as a people we should have prayed together, worked together, struggled together, went to jail together, stood up together, and believed together.

  2. Dreamed

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New Year vs. New Day


“Today isn’t just another day. Today I’ll create something beautiful.”
― Austin Kleon

As I scroll my timelines everything eventually leads to it’s 2014 and I’m not doing this anymore…or it’s 2014 and I am going to do this. How many times a year do we have an opportunity to celebrate a new year and to start over and create new goals and to commit ourselves? One right? Let me ask you this…how many new days a year do we have the opportunity to experience, set new goals, and to commit ourselves? Right 365 days! That’s right, while most times we focus only on the new year as our time to be thoughtful about our future when we have the opportunity to get it right daily. Every day is a new opportunity to change our outlook, behavior, habits, and evaluate from day to day. How can I make this day great? What can I change? What can I add? How will I apply the theme set at the beginning of the

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Nelson Mandela: Uncommon Dreamer


“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”
-Nelson Mandela

Today as I read tweets, Facebook posts, and articles paying tribute to the late Nelson Mandela, there was a consensus of attributes he was given.

To name a few.

Leader, Passionate, Hero, Selfless, Committed, Legend, Icon, Visionary, Warrior, Courageous, and Devoted.

One word I failed to see was Uncommon.

There was nothing common about the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela.

  1. He was born with the name Rolihlahla that means “troublemaker”. A teacher gave him the name Nelson. Nelson means son of the Champion.
  2. He was adopted by an acting King.
  3. He wasn’t the best student, but he later became one of his countries first black lawyers.
  4. He was sentenced to life in prison where he served 27 years.
  5. He received a Noble Peace Prize along side the President whom he later beat to win his Presidency by almost 8 million

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Writing a personal purpose statement

Each one of us was born with a purpose. Some find out their purpose quicker than others, some of us later in life. When running a business it is very difficult to operate without a clear mission statement. It provides a clear understanding of the purpose of the company, its values, and the “win” of the organization. Why should our personal lives be any different? How much more strategic and successful would I be if I narrowed down my personal purpose statement?

“It is impossible to know if you are making progress if you are not clear on the destination.”-Andy Stanley

What you are creating is not a mission statement. A mission statement changes based on the “what” and the “who”, your purpose statement will focus on the “why”.

When developing my personal purpose statement it is important to create a statement that would be as true now as it will be 10 years from now. My purpose

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Task #1: I’m good enough for this!

Who doesn’t love a good trip? Before you take a trip you must do one thing…Prepare. I don’t care how bad you want to make it to the Bahamas’ next year…you won’t make it if you don’t put action into place (well unless someone plans the trip and pays for it also). You have to buy tickets, make sure you have a passport, book a hotel room, pack clothing, have spending money etc., but before you do any of those things, you have to make up in your mind “I’m going on a trip”.

When planning any major moves in your life you have to first get your mind right!

Your first task as an Uncommon Dreamer is to know “I’m good enough for this”! I have to adjust my mindset to be able to accept that I deserve to chase my dreams, to be successful in multiple areas of my life, and to be happy while doing it.

So this week let it marinate. “I’m good enough for this”! Write it down, recite it, whatever you

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Are you in?

How can I say thanks?!! THANK YOU! I don’t take your support lightly! You guys are the inaugural crew! Uncommon dreamer is not just a blog, but also a community of like-minded people. As Seth Godin says we’re a Tribe!

What’s a tribe?

“A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. For millions of years, human beings have been part of one tribe or another. A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.” (Seth Godin)

This blog will be used as a means for me to share information and thoughts to inform, inspire, and encourage you on various topics. The Facebook group was created to foster the community. Through the group you will get to know other members of the “tribe”, network, share information etc., you may share as much info about yourself as you wish, which may help

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The UNcommon Dreamer


11.12.13 the next to last consecutive day we will see in this century. Not only is this day special because of its numerical symbolism, but also my 33rd birthday! What a better day to do something new?

On this day it is estimated thousands of people will get married, there is a mother somewhere right now waiting to be induced or hoping their baby is born today. To many consecutive dates are viewed to be lucky, but for me no luck needed just a little bit of faith. Today I will step out of my comfort zone to share with you something I have been carrying in my heart for a while.

Imagine being pregnant with a baby for nine months and you’re just happy being pregnant never looking forward to giving birth or having a baby for that matter. Wouldn’t that be crazy? That’s how it would feel to have a dream that never came true.

I believe there are a group of us who:

  1. Have dreams we are

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