Task #1: I’m good enough for this!

Who doesn’t love a good trip? Before you take a trip you must do one thing…Prepare. I don’t care how bad you want to make it to the Bahamas’ next year…you won’t make it if you don’t put action into place (well unless someone plans the trip and pays for it also). You have to buy tickets, make sure you have a passport, book a hotel room, pack clothing, have spending money etc., but before you do any of those things, you have to make up in your mind “I’m going on a trip”.

When planning any major moves in your life you have to first get your mind right!

Your first task as an Uncommon Dreamer is to know “I’m good enough for this”! I have to adjust my mindset to be able to accept that I deserve to chase my dreams, to be successful in multiple areas of my life, and to be happy while doing it.

So this week let it marinate. “I’m good enough for this”! Write it down, recite it, whatever you have to do to believe it.

Have a great week!


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