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11.12.13 the next to last consecutive day we will see in this century. Not only is this day special because of its numerical symbolism, but also my 33rd birthday! What a better day to do something new?

On this day it is estimated thousands of people will get married, there is a mother somewhere right now waiting to be induced or hoping their baby is born today. To many consecutive dates are viewed to be lucky, but for me no luck needed just a little bit of faith. Today I will step out of my comfort zone to share with you something I have been carrying in my heart for a while.

Imagine being pregnant with a baby for nine months and you’re just happy being pregnant never looking forward to giving birth or having a baby for that matter. Wouldn’t that be crazy? That’s how it would feel to have a dream that never came true.

I believe there are a group of us who:

  1. Have dreams we are working towards.
  2. Have dreams we have forgotten about.
  3. Have been too busy building the dreams of others; therefore we don’t work on our dream.
  4. Have never been free enough to dream.

You may be a stay-at-home parent, a new empty-nester who put all of your time and energy to raising your children and now they are off building their own dream, a new parent who doesn’t want to bury their dream in the busyness of life, a person who works hard providing and doesn’t have time to consider dreaming, a teenager who says “I don’t want to wait until I finish college I want to build my dream now!”

That’s the Uncommon Dreamer. You’re an Uncommon Dreamer. I’m an Uncommon Dreamer.

I want you to join a group of dreamers who want to build something, if you’ve already started building something that’s great, bring it to the table. If you don’t quite know what dream you want to build that’s fine too, let’s work together to find out where you are going. Through Uncommon Dreamer I want to create a community where we can network, receive support, and accountability.

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