Writing a personal purpose statement

Each one of us was born with a purpose. Some find out their purpose quicker than others, some of us later in life. When running a business it is very difficult to operate without a clear mission statement. It provides a clear understanding of the purpose of the company, its values, and the “win” of the organization. Why should our personal lives be any different? How much more strategic and successful would I be if I narrowed down my personal purpose statement?

“It is impossible to know if you are making progress if you are not clear on the destination.”-Andy Stanley

What you are creating is not a mission statement. A mission statement changes based on the “what” and the “who”, your purpose statement will focus on the “why”.

When developing my personal purpose statement it is important to create a statement that would be as true now as it will be 10 years from now. My purpose statement shouldn’t change or vary from year to year; it should be the same no matter the age, marital status, career choice etc. Creating this statement will not be a one, two, three, but it will take some prayer, brainstorming, and serious thought.

Here are a few tips to get us started!

  1. Pray. Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails (Proverbs 19:21 NIV). Ask God for guidance and his plan for your life, and seek understanding for your next steps.

  2. Write it down. Begin building lists of your:


    Qualities of people who inspire you


    Big life events

    Let downs or disappointments

    Things you love

    People you love

    Life lessons

    What do I believe in

    The best about you

    The worst about you

    Areas you would like to improve

    What you would like to become

    Things about yourself you would like to share with others

    Things you would do for free or if you had unlimited amounts of time

  3. Take your list and write. Don’t worry if you don’t make complete sentences, just write something down. Refer back to your list if you need to. Start with the end in mind.

  4. Continue to write until you form a clear statement regarding your purpose.

  5. After you complete your statement. Sign and date, post, print, frame it, whatever you need to do to keep it in the forefront of your mind to remind you of what’s important.

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