Uncommon Dreamer



 Explaining Reiki or any form of energy healing is a challenge.  How does one describe something they cannot see.  How do you quantify that? 

What we do know that can be scienctificaly proven is, everything around you is energy.  This energy vibrates at different frequencies. A person can be sitting across the room and  the emotions they are feeling can be measured without words ever having been spoken  

You have often had that feeling when sitting next to someone and they are upset, you feel the tension in the room.  You feel others because emotions are energy and vibrate at different frequencies.  The higher the frequency the more at peace you feel.  The lower the frequency the heavier you feel.

What I can say, that you can't see is, people often describe energy healing as tingling sensations throughout their body, waves going up and down their body and feeling a sense of relief.

Once you schedule an appointment your practitioner will ask you some questions.  You would then lay on a massage table and are guided through a meditation as you continue to relax yourself.

Your practitioner will get a sense of where in your body you are needing "clearing".  Emotions live in the body.  Emotions and/or energy become trapped in our body and sometimes we need help releasing these emotions.  This release leaves people feeling more at peace. 

Speaking for myself and what I have often heard, is it generally takes people 2-3 sessions to feel the energy healing.  I didn't know what energy healing was and was distrustful of the practitioner.  It took me a couple sessions to allow the reiki master passed my walls and trust the process.